Fifth Harmony's dating woes

ICONINSIDER — Fifth Harmony finds it hard to date because their fame “intimidates” guys.
The ‘Work From Home’ hitmakers – which includes Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei and Dinah Jane – say dating can be tricky as they are either approached by the wrong guys or ones who are huge fans of theirs.
Lauren said: “They’re either super not the right guy, or dope as f**k. There’s no in between. They’re either trying to get something out of you, or they think you’re super dope.”
Whilst Dinah added: “There was this one guy who thought I was very intimidating because of who we are. My thing is when I come across somebody, when I think they’re super cute or handsome, I can’t play along with that because sometimes they take it as something like, ‘She wants me.’
“And it’s happened to me many times. When you’re trying to be kind to somebody and they take it as ‘dang, Dinah Jane likes me.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I just want to be your friend … like, why do you have to take it like that?’ … It’s hard. So all we want is a confident dude to come straight up … maybe. Just walk up and say, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ And start from there.”
And the girl group slammed their critics who comment on their outfits rather than their music.
Normani said: “For instance, when ‘Work From Home’ came out, we were asked a few times, ‘Do you think you guys were dressed too sexy?’ …
“That’s happened to us throughout our whole career. When it came to performances, people would judge us on our performance outfits. They would say things like, ‘Look at the hoe squad’. There were all these memes.
Whilst Lauren added to the new issue of Galore magazine: “I’m pretty sure men are never questioned whether they’re acting too sexy. They’re actually glorified when all their clothes are off. Women love that s**t, they’re like, ‘Yeahhh! You’re so hot!’ But when girls take our clothes off, it’s, ‘Wow, she’s such a hoe.'”

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