Fifi Geldof sells Paula Yates' clothes online

ICONINSIDER — Fifi Geldof is selling her late mother Paula Yates’ clothes online.
The 34-year-old socialite, who is the daughter of Paula and Bob Geldof, is selling a number of items, including a rabbit fur coat for a “bargain” price of £400.
Of the coat, she wrote on Instagram: “Going to be selling this piece soon and figured would offer fans of Mum first refusal.
“Vintage Dolce & Gabbana cream lace and rabbit fur cardi-coat – comes to mid-calf on my 5’8 height. Still in perfectly wearable condition as per the second pic on myself, fits up to a size 12.
“Open to offers over £400 which is a bargain as worth over a grand given the fabrics/designer. (sic)”
But Fifi swiftly deleted the post after some respondents on the photo-sharing website objected to her selling a coat made from rabbit fur.
Meanwhile, Fifi previously admitted that after her mother died of a heroin overdose in 2000, she spiralled into depression and suicidal thoughts followed.
She shared: “It’s the silent killer. People don’t really talk about it. Everyone has the ability to kill themselves. Anything can happen to you, it just takes one instance to flip you into the wrong state of mind.”
But despite her previously morbid outlook, Fifi insisted she never attempted to take her own life, saying it’s not something she could have done to her family.
The socialite – whose sister Peaches died of a heroin overdose in 2014 – explained: “I have thought about but never attempted suicide. I wouldn’t. I’m aware, even in the pit of my depression, there are people that would hurt. And quite frankly there’s been enough death in our family. It’s not something I would do to them.”
However, Fifi said that because of her privileged background, not everyone she has encountered has been sympathetic towards her mental health struggles.
Fifi – who spoke about the issue on Instagram – explained: “Several people wrote, ‘What the hell have you got to be sad about?’ They hear ‘Geldof’, they think ‘gilded lily’, but we’re just a normal family.”

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