Debbie Harry prefers house parties to nightclubs

ICONINSIDER — Blondie star Debbie Harry has swapped nightclubs for house parties.
The 71-year-old singer was a regular at New York City nightspot Studio 54 in the 70s and 80s and famed punk venue CBGB which is located in Manhattan’s East Village where she would hang out with the movers and shakers of the time.
But nowadays Debbie has curbed her partying lifestyle, swapping big nights out for evenings at her own home and the houses of her friends.
In an interview with the Metro newspaper, she said: “I go out but it’s not like I used to go out. I love going to people’s houses and stuff, and just getting stupid.”
And it’s not just Debbie that’s changed over the years. Blondie, who is set to play The Roundhouse in London on May 3, has noticed that the atmosphere at gigs is different in the UK.
Chris Stein, guitarist and co-founder of Blondie explained: “There’s a different physicality here in the UK. Everybody has this herd thing, you know? It’s very primal. It’s reflected in the craziness of the shows.”
But Debbie played down the craziness, by adding: “Well, there used to be more fisticuffs than there are nowadays.”
The band – which has sold over 40 million records – will release their new album ‘Pollinator’ on May 5 and have teamed up with the likes of Dave Sitek (On The Radio), Johnny Marr, Sia and Charli XCX for collaborations. The lead single taken from the album is called ‘Fun’.
Debbie insists working with so many different artists was not a big deal for Blondie because they have always taken a “cross-pollination” approach to music.
The ‘Heart of Glass’ hitmaker said: “We’ve always been cross-pollinators in a sense because we’ve always had so many different writers in the band. It’s never been either all me or all Chris – it’s not like (David) Bowie or somebody. This just sort of extended that.”

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