Christian Louboutin’s new beauty line is inspired by Indian dance

ICONINSIDER — Christian Louboutin’s new beauty line was inspired by Indian dance.
The 54-year-old fashion designer joined forces with Batallure Beauty LLC in 2012 to launch his eponymous cosmetics collection, which he has since expanded to include a lipstick, nail polish as well as an eye make-up range, and the mogul has revealed the native form of performance, called Kathakali, has largely influenced him.
The creative mastermind said: “I love all aspects of Indian culture. In fact my new eye [make-up] collection was inspired by the Indian dance, Kathakali.”
And the shoe creator – who is known for designing footwear with the signature red sole – has revealed he is currently working on a new project in Mumbai, India, with fellow designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Speaking about his latest venture, the French-born entrepreneur said: “I’m in Mumbai, where I have been working on a project with a great friend of mine, couture designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.”
Meanwhile, the star has admitted the best piece of advice she has received was from his father Roger.
He explained: “I have always followed the advice of my cabinet-maker father, which was to ‘Always go with the grain of the wood if you want to make something beautiful.'”
Although Christian has sort advice from his parent, he has admitted his biggest “hero” is ‘The Muppets’ star Miss Piggy.
When asked about his all-time favourite icon, he said: “Miss Piggy.”
Although the businessman has credited the character as his idol, he regularly calls on the 31-year-old actress Gemma Arterton when he wants company because she is “a lot of fun” to be around.
He told ES magazine: “Gemma Arterton. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with and knows where to take me.”

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