Chris Chibnall shed 'a few tears' filming Broadchurch finale

ICONINSIDER — Chris Chibnall shed “a few tears” filming the final episode of ‘Broadchurch’.
The British television writer, who is the creative mastermind behind the second instalment of the popular series starring Olivia Coleman, David Tennant and Julie Hesmondhalgh, has revealed he had to keep the last few scenes close to his chest, but found filming the finale upsetting.
Speaking about the show on ‘Good Morning Britain’ on Monday (17.04.17), he said: “We have to close off the story, close off the series. There were a few tears shed I think.”
And Chris hopes the last episode will be “really satisfying” for the audience.
He said: “I hope it’s a really satisfying end. A lot of things happen tonight.
“We’ve only got an hour to clear up everything in the whole show. There’s a lot going on but I hope it feels a satisfying, appropriate end.”
And the creator doesn’t think there will be a third season to the season.
When asked about a follow-up, he said: “I don’t think so. I think it’s the end of the story tonight.”
The last episode, which airs tonight on ITV as well as across 15 Vue cinemas across the country, will see Julie’s character Trish Winterman’s rapist revealed, and Chris has revealed he was planning to cast one actor as the culprit, but swiftly changed his mind.
He said: “I wrote episode one, draft one and I thought it was somebody, then I thought ‘oh that’s how it should resolve’, so it changed slightly.
“We had a conversation with that person during the process, but they didn’t know when they joined.
“Everyone had to join on the proviso that they didn’t know.”

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