Chloe Ferry's family rift

ICONINSIDER — Chloe Ferry is “not really bothered” if she doesn’t see her dad again.
The ‘Geordie Shore’ star says she doesn’t want to see her father again after he left her mother and never offered the family any support or money.
She told The Sun Online: “Probably the hardest thing I have ever had to go through was when my mum and dad was breaking up. But I was very young. I was six or something. It was quite a hard situation. I know my dad, but I don’t really speak to him. I don’t really like him.
“I don’t care too much about him because my mam did everything for us. He never gave us money to help my mum out. I always treat my mum to everything she wants. I pay for her holiday, her car, her house. I don’t want speak to my dad any anymore. I won’t see him again. I’m not really bothered.”
And Chloe previously opened up about her tough childhood, admitting she didn’t have enough money for lunch.
She said: “Before ‘Geordie Shore’, we didn’t have much money. My mum is a single parent … When I went to college I didn’t even have lunch money sometimes because it was so hard to get. She was a single parent so she brought me up all by herself.
“Obviously, I’ve got a bit of money now, but I know now to be wise with my money. I’ll always save it. I’m really clued up with my business because of it. It’s not been an awful background but a bad background to know and I know what I need to do now to make money.”
The 21-year-old reality star also previously revealed she skipped school because she was “embarrassed” that she couldn’t read and write.
She said: “I didn’t really enjoy school. I had a bit of a bad time there because I found it very hard to read and write. So I would skive school a lot.
“I went to high school, I had to do an extra year to do my GCSEs. But I didn’t like it there. I felt a bit embarrassed that I was [behind] at school. I found it harder to learn than other school kids. I felt awful.”

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