Charlie Hunnam: David Beckham is 'f***ing cool'

ICONINSIDER — Charlie Hunnam thinks David Beckham is “pretty f***ing cool”.
The retired soccer star makes a cameo appearance in ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ – which Charlie stars in as the titular monarch – and the 36-year-old actor has joked he believes he developed a “little crush” on the hunk during their time together on set.
Charlie told Mr Porter: “David Beckham asked me my opinion a few times on different bits and bobs. I don’t know if it was any help or not, but I was really blown away.
“It became very clear why and how Beckham’s become the phenomenon that he has. Because he showed up determined to do a good job. He’d worked with a dialect coach, and maybe an acting coach.
“I sort of anticipated, well, he’s a superstar. This is not his primary or even his secondary focus; this is just a bit of a giggle for him. But that work ethic just shone through.
“And that, combined with him just being humble and kind and accessible, was very endearing. I’m not a football man, so upfront, I didn’t really have a strong feeling one or way or another. But by the time he left, I had a little bit of a crush on him. He was pretty f***ing cool.”
And it’s not the first time ‘The Lost City of Z’ actor has gushed over the 41-year-old sporting legend either, as he previously said he “genuinely loves” David.
He said: “I thought [David] Beckham was a secret but I guess everyone’s talking about it now. Unless you just are tricking me and I’m the one that’s putting the secret out.
“[David] Beckham was awesome. I mean, I genuinely love that guy. I loved working with him. He was great.”
David is good friends with director Guy Ritchie and jumped at the chance to take on a part in the movie, which also stars Eric Bana as Charlie’s father Uther Pendragon.
Jude Law is lined up as villain Vortigern and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey will portray Arthur’s significant other Guinevere.
The story tells of Arthur being unaware of his destiny at first until he stumbles upon the mighty sword Excalibur.
After meeting Guinevere, he then sets about taking his rightful place on the throne, but evil Vortigern stands in his way.

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