Charlie Dimmock hosts second series of Garden Rescue

ICONINSIDER — Charlie Dimmock will present the second series of BBC One’s ‘Garden Rescue’.
The 50-year-old gardener and TV presenter, who rose to fame as member of BBC’s ‘Ground Force’ team which aired first on BBC Two and then BBC One from 1997 to 2005, has secured another instalment of her green-finger show.
Charlie returned to screens following a 10-year break last year when the new gardening series was first launched and now she has been announced to host the second series, alongside Chelsea Gold Medal Winners, David and Harry Rich.
Speaking to What’s On TV, Charlie said: “We help people with different garden problems, they give us a brief and a budget of their own money, and then the boys and I come up with a design and pitch it to them. The owners chose which one they like the best and we all build it together.”
Charlie revealed the biggest challenge was how much money the home owners have to spend.
She added: “The budgets can be anything from £1,000 to £8,000 and within that the client might want a new shed, fence replacing or a trampoline! The weather’s been a joy, too – snow and pouring rain.”
Charlie first grabbed the attention of ‘Ground Force’s’ 12 million viewers when she infamously went braless during filming with her co-stars Tommy Walsh and Alan Titchmarsh.
But she recently admitted her braless days were over, saying: “All that was all so silly and a long time ago.”
Among Charlie’s gardening TV credits is ‘The Joy of Gardening’, ‘Charlie’s Garden Army’ and she’s hosted the prestigious ‘Chelsea Flower Show’.
And among her non-green-fingered projects is starring on Channel 4’s 2004 reality show ‘The Games’ and 2006 ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ and she was popular across the water, where she had her own gardening segment on ‘The Early Show’ on American channel CBS.

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