Casey Anthony dropped from Union J

ICONINSIDER — Casey Anthony has been dropped from Union J.
The former Stereo Kicks singer was only drafted into the group – which also included J.J. Hamblett, Josh Cuthbert and Jaymi Hensley – last May following George Shelley’s departure, but the band’s new management reportedly felt he didn’t suit their image and decided the act should perform as a trio instead.
A source told The Sun newspaper: “Management just didn’t think Casey was right for the band. The ­realised this over the past few months. It was felt he could never really replace George and the band would be better off as a trio.”
Casey is now said to be planning a TV career, while Union J –
who didn’t release any music with their short-lived new line-up
– will revert to the formation they had when they first auditioned for ‘The X Factor’ as Triple J in 2012.
Jaymi previously admitted he would love the ‘Carry You’ hitmakers to reunite with George again in the future.
He said: “I would love us all to get back together one day and do a reunion tour. He is my little brother and I’d love him to still do music. I wouldn’t want him to turn his back on that.”
And he insisted he and his bandmates will always be close to the singer-turned-presenter.
He said: “George is still one of my best friends of all time and we always will be and I speak to him all the time still. It was very difficult but because we parted ways doesn’t mean we still don’t love each other. He’s been as much as my history as some of my closest friends have and vice versa with all the boys. I think we’re really happy now that this year is coming to an end and both of us after Union J and George are moving forward.”

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