Bindi Irwin's 'living sunshine'

ICONINSIDER — Bindi Irwin’s boyfriend is her “living sunshine”.
The 18-year-old star – who is the daughter of Terri Irwin and the late Steve Irwin – gushed about her beau Chandler Powell in a sweet post on social media.
Alongside a heart emoji, she wrote: “Sometimes in life, you find that someone who is living Sunshine (sic)”
And to mark the most recent Valentine’s Day in February, Bindi posted a sweet message to her boyfriend.
She wrote: “Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love and happiness. (And an excuse to give endless amounts of hugs!) This picture captures my forever Valentine @chandlerpowell, in gorgeous #Australia …
“These really are the pictures of true happiness. I am blessed to be surrounded with the people that I love with all my heart. The power of love is undeniable and the glue that holds us all together. To have real balance in life, we must find the light in every day. So here’s to love, to hope, to peace and kindness. (sic)”
And Bindi knew he was the one for her when she saw him in the khaki uniform worn by the team at Australia Zoo.
She shared: “It was kind of one of those moments that was a real defining moment for me because you know, it’s only the people who are the closest to us that get their khakis. I love seeing [Chandler] in khaki now. It makes me so happy.”
And the 18-year-old conservationist also revealed Chandler wrote a letter to her mother to ask if he can stay in touch.
She shared: “I met him and his family and went, ‘Gee, he’s not too bad, is he?’ He actually wrote to my mum and asked her permission to stay in touch with me, which was lovely.”

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