Bill Nighy never watches any of his own films

ICONINSIDER — Bill Nighy doesn’t watch his own films.
The 67-year-old actor – who has starred in ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise – became an international star in ‘Love Actually’ but he claims he has never seen a single movie he’s featured in because he doesn’t like to watch his acting.
Speaking to Britain’s Guardian newspaper, he said: “I really, really quite committedly try and avoid it, yeah.
“It’s hard sometimes because you want to honour the people that you have been working with, particularly the director and the writer but I just find it so dispirited. And it’s getting harder.
“It’s not that I don’t like the sight of myself, although I don’t, particularly as you get older, because I remember what I’m supposed to look lie..
“But it’s not that so much. It’s the acting.”
Bill, who hasn’t stopped working since starring in ‘Love Actually’ back in 2003, also said it’s easier not to have seen the film when it comes to being questioned about it by press.
He said: “You know I was there. I saw it happening. I’ve read the script, I know what happens in it.
“So I have the perfect relationship with it as far as I’m concerned.”
The ‘About Time’ star – whose latest outing is ‘Their Finest’, in which he stars alongside Gemma Arterton – also admitted that he “couldn’t wait” to be typecast as a certain character.
He said: “My big secret was that I couldn’t wait to get typecast. You know, the idea of going to work every day and doing the same thing… man! Wow!
“That’s like the greatest thing that could happen to me. I have no problem with that. And if there is a thing that people have come to expect from me, I’m very, very happy about that.”
Bill – who split from his partner Diana Quick in 2008 -currently lives by himself in a London flat but said he is “perfectly happy.”
He said: “People thinking because you spend time on your own, you’re troubled.
“I’m perfectly happy. I’m not in any trouble, everybody can relax.”

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