Bella Thorne was pigeonholed

ICONINSIDER — Bella Thorne was rejected from auditions because of her Disney Channel past.
The ‘Famous In Love’ star says she was unfairly “pigeonholed” by fans and casting directors because of her Disney career, meaning she had to “beg” for auditions.
She said: “Not only did fans pigeonhole me, but casting directors wouldn’t read me anymore. They were like, ‘No, we don’t want her to come in because she’s so Disney.’ I had to literally beg for an audition.”
And after she had auditioned, the casting director congratulated her and admitted he “totally misjudged” her.
She added: “[A casting director] shook my hand in the audition and was like, ‘I’m really sorry, I totally misjudged you, you’re a great actress.'”
Bella also admitted it can be difficult being constantly criticised online.
She told Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “You make so many mistakes when you’re young, but [as a celebrity] your mistakes are so harshly judged by everyone around the world. When you’re the most hated person on the Internet, then it’s not so fun.”
Meanwhile, Bella previously admitted she was sent death threats when she split from Tyler Posey.
She said: “I went through a breakup and that was kind of tough. You know, fans, if you’re just seen with somebody, they think you’re immediately, you gotta be in a relationship with them, which is not true.
“I hang out all the time with different people that I’m not dating, that I’m just friends with. I hang out with a lot of guys because I’m a total tomboy, so a lot of my friends end up being guys because a lot of girls are like kind of too girly for me sometimes.”

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