Bear Grylls admits to breaking school rules

ICONINSIDER — Bear Grylls doesn’t mind breaking “a few school rules” to spend more time with his children.
The 42-year-old adventurer – who has sons Huckleberry, Jesse, and Marmaduke with his wife Shara – admitted to taking them away from their studies during term time in order to be with them while he’s filming.
He shared: “I try never to be away for more than a couple of weeks at a time. And even if, like in the last month, I’ve been away solidly I try to come back for a weekend. And then if it has to be a long time I get the family out with me.
“Break a few school rules so maybe the boys are out [of school] for a bit longer than they are meant to be.”
In England, where his children study, it is against the law for children to miss school without the permission of the head teacher unless there are exceptional circumstances, like illness.
But Bear thinks academic institutions are guilty of putting too much emphasis on exam results and consequently, they neglect to teach children all-important life skills.
The ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ presenter told the Radio Times: “I want my kids to be equipped for life and life is not a sprint to get to the top at 18. It’s a long haul. Life kicks the s**t out of you and it rewards the persistent.”
What’s more, Bear said schools have a responsibility to empower their pupils to deal with the stresses of real life.
He explained: “Schools have got to empower kids for life, rather than getting to a certain level on a league table.
“The brain surgeons, the high achievers in life aren’t always the best at school, they are just determined to get there. I bet that brain surgeon is the guy who got Bs and Cs at A-Level.”

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