Atomic Kitten planning new songs

ICONINSIDER — Atomic Kitten are going to record a new album.
The ‘Whole Again’ group – which currently features Kerry Katona, Natasha Hamilton and Liz McLarnon – know the fans who go and see their shows are keen to hear their old hits, but they have also been busy writing new songs.
And after touring Australia and New Zealand with a string of other groups, the Kittens – which featured Michelle Heaton in place of Liz during the gigs as she has a fear of flying – were pleased to see how positively audience responded to B*Witched’s new material.
Kerry said: “People just want to be nostalgic and hear our old hits. But Natasha has written some amazing songs. I keep saying let’s record them. We might as well.
“That’s what B*Witched did on the tour and they ended up reaching number 11 in New Zealand. We were so proud of them.
“That was just amazing and it made us think, why can’t we do that too?”
But for now, the band are focused on a number of other upcoming overseas date.
Kerry told OK! magazine: “We’re going to India and Asia. It’ll be me, Michelle and Tash. It’s just gone a bit mental after the Australian tour.
“I have no idea [if we were big in India]. I’ve never been to India, but I’ve longed to go there.
“It’s one of the great things about being back with Atomic Kitten. First time around I didn’t really appreciate seeing other countries. Now I just think, how lucky am I?”
But the mother-of-five does find it tough being away from her kids when she’s on tour.
She said: “I rang them every morning. At one point I did burst into tears and feel like going home.
“But thank God for all the technology we have now, you can FaceTime people.”

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