Ariel Winter: I don't want to be perfect

ICONINSIDER — Ariel Winter doesn’t want to be the “perfect” role model.
The 19-year-old actress – who is best known for playing Alex Dunphy in ‘Modern Family’ – thinks too much pressure is applied to celebrities to present a flawless image of themselves to the public.
She shared: “You know people throw around the term role model a lot.
“I love the term, I think its great, but I think people put too much pressure on people to be perfect and to portray that image.”
Ariel, who is also well known for her eye-catching Instagram posts, believes it is important people can relate to their role models.
She told the New York Post newspaper: “Really, what we should be aspiring to, is having role models that are just themselves because people make mistakes, they are human and I think that’s really important and that’s what I aim to be, is just me and leave that out there.”
Last month, Ariel admitted she “struggled for many years” with her confidence.
The curvaceous star said it was “a really long journey” to be able to find her self-confidence, but she now hopes to use her status to help empower other people in her position.
She explained: “I struggled for many years with my own confidence with myself. It was a really long journey to find that confidence, and I think it’s really important because there are tonnes of young girls, young boys, people that are older than me, that don’t really have a lot of people to look up to that are outspoken about things like that.
“And I thought, you know, I went through so much at a young age, I was criticised for everything – the way I looked, the way I dressed, what I said. And I thought for a while that if I changed the way I was that people would accept me. I tried, and they still didn’t.”

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