Anne Hathaway is more chilled

ICONINSIDER — Anne Hathaway has been much more “chilled” since she got pregnant.
The ‘Les Miserables’ star welcomed a baby boy Jonathan into the world in March 2016 and whilst she was always a “fairly tightly-wound person” before, she feels she has mellowed out now she is a mother.
She told Under The Radar: “I don’t like moving slowly anymore. You want things to move quickly so you can get home. You want to be able to go there and do your job, but your job can’t be everything.
“I wasn’t expecting how chill I became because I’ve always been a fairly tightly-wound person, and the second I got pregnant I took a deep breath and stayed there.”
Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actress – who has Jonathan with her husband Adam Shulman – previously revealed she thinks her pregnancy has “added a layer” to her acting career.
Speaking about how her pregnancy affected her role in upcoming movie ‘Colossal’, Anne said: “I think that my pregnancy may have added a layer to my performance in this one because I was so happy all the time and I just felt this great joy and I love the idea that was who Gloria was. She wasn’t depressed. She wasn’t put upon. She actually was a party girl and she always brought the fun and I think my baby did that too.
“I’m usually a very gung-ho physical performer. I’m always so happy to just throw myself in there and if you get hit or bruised or anything, I never really care about that but with this one, it wasn’t just me I was reaching out for so we broke the fight down very slowly. We did it piece by piece and I just tried my best not to fall.”

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