Amy Schumer bought a $2k mattress for a store employee

ICONINSIDER — Amy Schumer bought a $2,000 mattress for a store employee who allowed her to use the bathroom.
The 35-year-old comedian was enjoying a jog around the streets of Chicago recently when she stopped by the local Six Corners Mattress Firm to use the facilities and was pointed in the right direction by Sagine Lazarre.
As a sign of her gratitude, Amy walked up to Sagine on her way out, asked which mattress was her favourite and then promptly bought the $2,000 item for her.
Sagine said: “It’s amazing, mind blowing. I’m still shocked.”
But despite Amy being one of the most recognisable women in the world, Sagine was initially oblivious to her superstar status.
She told WGN News: “After she left, I Googled her name. The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer. It was amazing. Unbelievable.”
The incident occurred shortly after Amy admitted being recognised by her idols is probably the best thing about her job.
The comedian isn’t comfortable with fame, but she confessed it “feels good” to be able to hang out and have the possibility of working with people she’s admired for a long time.
Asked if there’s anything she likes about fame, Amy said: “The things about it that are cool are the people that I respect and am a fan of some of them will know who I am.
“And that feels really good, it’s cool that I get to hang out with these people or work with them.”
Amy also said she would rather stay at home than go out to glamorous Hollywood events, adding that she won’t attend awards ceremonies if she doesn’t have a good reason to be there.
She explained: “I’ve been asked to host a bunch of awards shows, but I will only go to events that I have to.
“I would always rather not go, because I like to feel physically comfortable and be with people that I feel comfortable with.
“It’s not my element. I don’t think it’s anyone’s element. I would almost rather just watch them at home.”

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